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There are many ways you can help us protect the individuals that need us most.

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Its only through generous donations and grants that we provide our valuable services. Our funding provides for experienced and highly trained protection operators and field managers. They are paid a competitive wage that includes associated equipment and technologies. We are looking for donations to continue on this important mission.

Your generosity helps victims and their families by providing a new and unique solution when going to a shelter or other re-locating alternatives are either impractical or cost-prohibitive.

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Word of mouth is the best advertising. Let everyone know we are here and what we do! Chances are good that you may know someone who can receive our services and save a life as well as the lives of their loved ones.

How Do I Go About Getting a Restraining Order?

If you are a victim of domestic violence or abuse, you have alternatives at your disposal. A restraining order can protect you from being physically or sexually abused, threatened, stalked, or harassed.

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