Child Visitation Overwatch

We help ensure the safety and well-being of children during child visitations in cases where domestic violence is a concern.

DVAP Partners provide a secure and neutral environment for child visitation, allowing children to maintain relationships with both parents — an essential component of their emotional development — while ensuring their safety from potential harm.

As part of this service, DVAP Riverside County offers a conduit for supervised visitation to prevent any form of abuse or inappropriate behavior. The operators are equipped and trained to intervene if necessary and can provide detailed reports about each visit, which can be useful in ongoing legal proceedings.

We also refer partners that offer support and resources for parents involved in the visitation process. This includes education on the impacts of domestic violence on children, guidance on promoting healthy parent-child relationships, and referrals to other services as needed.

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Your generosity helps victims and their families by providing a new and unique solution when going to a shelter or other re-locating alternatives are either impractical or cost-prohibitive.

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